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I Help People Take Control Of Their Food, Water, and Energy.



For 1 year, Jason Rashidnia was the first in-house marketing employee at Dvinci now Colossus.com for Walid Halty. He helped Walid get featured on Forbes.com.

Eventually he left to start his own consultancy helping new up-and-coming solar companies develop lead generation, recruiting, and training systems and scale business operations.


Jason Rashidnia grew up in Palm Harbor, FL and is the oldest of 2 kids. He always knew he'd carve his own path. Never listened to the status quo. School was such a bore he got through high school without even trying earning a 3.2 GPA. He played computer games specifically Counter Strike 1.6, CZ, & Source racking up hundreds of hours eventually playing in online leagues before "e-sports" was even defined as a category to make a living in.

He reluctantly entered a school-wide graphic design contest in high school for creating a concert ticket for Luciano Pavarotti. No one told him he won until he saw the leaderboard by accident at the end of the year.

Getting his first job at CVS stocking shelves he eventually found a job making more money by bussing tables at a Japanese Steak House. Cut his teeth in customer service and working inside high pressure environments.


In college working a security job at a luxury high rise in Downtown Tampa.

Met someone who convinced him to invest in a craft beer and wine bar that accepted Bitcoin in 2010 with computers mining Bitcoin.

The business bled money during the 6 months of working 100-hour weeks from construction to opening the doors I could not afford to drive 2.5 hours a day back and forth to the retail location.

After months of zero communication with the major shareholder was exposed by his ex-girlfriend that his investment capital was misappropriated.

He got played and booted off the ship. This harrowing experience forced him to level up his knowledge and build a foundation before jumping in the deep end of a new opportunity.

After a year-long retreat to regroup. He continued his path toward learning to build and implement new technology across a variety of industries.

Going to marketing events around how to generate leads online received an invite to an internet guru's first mastermind called Facebook AdCon 2018. From there sparked an idea to help small businesses grow their profits. He found a niche in building marketing funnels for growing home services businesses like Solar and HVAC.

He got invited to join an upstart Solar Sales Organization that began the journey on the path of scaling SMBs with funnels. He helped them reach $10M+ in revenue with lead generation and recruiting systems built into the brand experience.

This experience built newfound confidence in his skill set and he began consulting with Sell Solar Online to teach others how to close solar appointments remotely. Continuous growth lead to partnering with permaculture experts and architects to teach homeowners how to grow their own staple food supply and build a self-reliant lifestyle..




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